Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The pandemic and current economic conditions have created many challenges that directly impact brand owners, including those that manufacture bottled consumer products, cleaning products, and automotive products. On the positive side, the cleaning product industry has seen a stark uptick as demand has continued to grow. However, this increased demand coupled with supply constraints has created new challenges. Luckily, contract packaging services may offer a simple solution.

Inflation is soaring and could reach 10% per year, gas prices are breaking records, and many companies are experiencing an employee drought. In some cases, store shelves are empty as a result. This storm has left many companies looking for solutions and ways to reduce costs.

Fortunately, an unexpected hero has emerged. Liquid product manufacturers that once might have considered expanding in-house packaging and those brands that are struggling to meet demand are seeing contract packaging services in a new light.

Although there is nothing unusual about brands entrusting filling and packing operations to a contract packager, the current environment is changing the game. Where contact packaging services were once considered transactional, brands are now looking to build long-term relationships. Finding a strategic partner sets a foundation for long-term success.

Crystal’s Contract Packaging Services Offers Versatility

As a premier contract packaging solutions provider, Crystal Packaging’s services can alleviate the burden of today’s challenges by providing blending, filling, and packaging without having to upsize your company. Crystal has cultivated strategic partnerships with brands in various industries. With their unparalleled expertise, they have helped brands consistently deliver safe, reliable products without facing stock-outs and exorbitant costs.

While many contract fillers specialize in specific sizes and materials, we have the versatility needed to fill and package all your liquid products. Our versatile automated line fillers allow us to fill and package products of various viscosities in many different formats. We can fill container sizes ranging from two ounces up to 2.5 gallons and pails from two to five gallons. We can even fill drums and totes for industrial applications. If manual filling is required, we can do that, too. Strict quality control measures, such as built-in weight scales, ensure filling consistency.

We offer an agile process that can adapt to your changing needs, whether you are a small company looking to grow your business or established brands looking to expand. Our extensive experience provides you with a valuable resource to tackle any challenges that occur, saving you research time and reducing unexpected costs associated with delays.

Prime Location Adds Value

Although we are in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region, it isn’t the majestic views that make us different (although it doesn’t hurt!). Our strategic location provides many benefits and opportunities for cost savings for our customers. Our customers value our location as a key to supplying major retail chains. Distribution centers for many major retailers are all within 90 miles of Crystal. With fuel costs reaching record levels, having a contract packaging partner closer to where you ship makes good financial sense. Additionally, east coast or international brand owners especially value Crystal’s location as a launching point for products on the west coast or across the country.

Partner with Crystal

Whether you have been packaging in-house or want to change contract packagers to a true strategic partnership, Crystal Packaging Is ready to help you meet your goals. With a 70,000-square-foot facility equipped with more than many blend tanks, two million gallons of storage, five truck bays, and rail access for up to eight cars, we have the filling and packaging capacity to meet your needs. As a company with several industry certifications, you can be assured your products will be blended and packaged by a highly trained, safety-conscious, quality-focused team.

Ready to learn more? Let’s set up a meeting to learn how we can help alleviate some of the challenges you are facing with your current packaging processes.