Our Tried and True Blue Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid, Now Supporting a Great Cause

Uncle Jerry’s Windshield Washer is the same time-tested bulk windshield washer fluid you love, now honoring one of Crystal’s greatest employees. Uncle Jerry was like family to the Crystal Packaging team, serving a 20-year tenure with us. During this time, he helped produce millions of gallons of windshield washer fluid. Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer, we lost Uncle Jerry in early 2022.

In his honor, we’ve rebranded our decades-old bulk windshield washer fluid as “Uncle Jerry’s Windshield Washer.” This limited-edition wash has the same formula and SKU number as our tried and true -25 degree windshield washer fluid. The rebrand will run until May 2023, and a portion of the profits will benefit the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We’re already well on our way to meeting our $5,000 goal, and we hope you’ll help us achieve it.

Who was Uncle Jerry?

Jerry Bartuska passed away in April 2022 after a long battle with cancer. He was an extremely dedicated employee; his strong work ethic lives on in the employees he collaborated with at our production facility.

Outside of work, Jerry was a skilled cook, craftsman, and outdoorsman with a strong connection to his family. As a chef for a five-teenager household, he specialized in bologna sandwiches and bread “sammiches,” which are still the legends of eating contests today. After his children grew up and had their own kids, he took pride in building toy boxes for his newborn grandchildren. In his spare time, he loved building dollhouses big enough to incur property taxes. He also took great joy in huge camping trips held with his friends and family. He never needed Google Maps for these trips, preferring his hand-drawn versions.

A celebration of life was held for Jerry on Friday, May 6, 2022. Coffee and sugary snacks were served because he would have insisted. Jerry is survived by his wife and children, who hope he was greeted by a band of dogs and angels, a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds, and a cold Pepsi when he crossed to the other side.

Help the Huntsman Cancer Foundation

We hope to reach $5,000 in donations to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation through our Uncle Jerry’s Windshield Washer efforts. The foundation’s goal is to find safer and more effective treatments, create new clinical trials in the Rocky Mountain West, and provide hope for the end to cancer. If you would like to make a donation on Uncle Jerry’s behalf, please do so here.

About Our Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid

At Crystal Packaging, we help nationwide retailers, convenience stores, and automotive product manufacturers blend, package, and distribute this critical product, especially during peak seasons of inclement weather. We create millions of gallons of bulk windshield washer fluid each year using our rotary fillers and high-speed palletizers and are uniquely set up to support high-volume, high-speed production. We are also able to make other high-volume and water-based products, such as RV antifreeze.

Crystal Packaging Can Help You Meet Your Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Production Goals

Founded in 1977, Crystal Packaging has decades of experience creating high-quality blended products. Today, we are one of the top specialty chemical and petroleum contract packagers and private label manufacturers in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our 70,000 square-foot facility features high-speed filling lines that allow us to fill, label, package, and palletize containers of varying sizes, which streamlines your operations and reduces turnaround times. Our facility also features a high-tech in-house lab, which examines your product at various stages of the production process to ensure quality.

When you work with Crystal Packaging, you’ll benefit from our unique location in the Rocky Mountain region that features eight-car rail access and easy loading for trucks. While we don’t offer supply chain management services, we can ship your product to nearby distribution and production centers.

Complete Satisfaction, Guaranteed

To date, we’ve produced more than 400 million gallons of product for over 300 satisfied customers. Their satisfaction is rooted in our dedication to quality, backed by various certifications, including GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard qualifications, as well as an EPA registration.

As an H-3 certified facility, we are readily equipped to handle a range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Using customer-created formulas or our own time-tested formulations, we can create windshield wash, automotive chemicals, cleaning products, aviation chemicals, consumer goods, lubricants, and more.

Let’s Start Working on Your Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid

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