When most people think of contract blending and packaging services for chemicals and liquid products, they think about the technological challenges of perfecting and producing blends and packaging those products at the contract facility. As such, your contract blender and packager is a vital part of your supply chain. The efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain play an essential role in getting your product to market and managing costs.

Recent political and economic events have demonstrated how supply chain disruptions can strike unexpectedly and create chaos. A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and your blending and packaging partner needs the flexibility to adapt while remaining efficient.

Your Supply Chain

The supply chain is the network of individuals and companies responsible for getting your product to market. It starts with you and goes through the logistics of getting your product into the hands of those using it – whether it be a consumer or another company. Your contract blender and packager can comprise a large part of this supply chain, so working with the right partner is critical to maintaining supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency Vs. Effectiveness

Supply chain efficiency demonstrates how well a company uses its resources (resources, equipment, people) to ensure a fast, smooth running of processes. This minimizes costs and wasted time. To determine if a contract packager is efficient, look at what processes the company has in place, what equipment they have, what potential bottlenecks might exist, if the people are appropriately trained, and anything that may indicate they run an efficient production and packaging line.

In comparison, an effective supply chain is one that is successful in producing the desired result. For efficiency, look at what quality control processes are in place and customer satisfaction ratings. Efficiency and effectiveness are not synonymous. A company can have an efficient supply chain and get products quickly to its customers, but if they do not meet the customer’s expectations, they are ineffective.

Efficient And Effective Contract Blending And Packaging Services

At Crystal Packaging, we want to give you back control of your supply chain. While we can’t prevent natural disasters or pandemics, we have the efficiency and effectiveness to meet your needs.

Efficiency is no stranger to Crystal Packaging. Efficient processes and intelligent use of resources allow us to meet your deliverable deadlines. Unlike smaller batch contractors, we are set up to support high-volume, high-speed production. For example, our rotary fillers and high-speed palletizers allow up to produce millions of gallons of windshield washer annually.

With five truck bays, rail access for up to eight rail cars, and more than two million gallons of storage tank space, our facility has the size to accommodate a range of blends and the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Whether you need filling and packaging from one of our seven automated lines or manual filling, Crystal has what it takes to meet your needs.

Additionally, we are conveniently located in Henderson, Colorado, which is just a few miles from I-25 and I-70 highways – easy access by truck and rail. Plus, our facility is near many large retail distribution centers. We can get your product where it needs to go quickly, saving you time and shipping costs.

What makes us an effective part of your supply chain is process-specific expertise and our robust quality plan. We have partnered with brands across industries and have gained experience in quickly resolving challenges that may arise. Our employees are experts at what they do and are adept at recognizing the potential for a problem before it happens.

As a company that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), quality is one of our highest priorities. Our testing lab, stringent quality control, and additional checks to prevent human error will allow us to confidently meet your needs every time. Our onsite chemical testing lab, for example, can help us ensure consistent blends from batch to batch and ensure we meet your specifications, such as pH and specific gravity.

The Clear Choice for Effective and Efficient Blending and Packaging Services

At Crystal, we are ready to support your existing supply chain or help you expand your production. By partnering with Crystal as your efficient and effective co-packer, you will be ready to handle the market’s unforeseen changes. Connect with one of our experts to discuss your production goals.