Product assembly and packaging are critical components for most products. This is especially true for liquids. Whether it is an industrial scale lubricant or an 8-ounce consumer cleaning product, blending and bottling your product may be the last thing you want to manage. This is why many liquid product manufacturers and marketers find themselves looking for a contract bottle filling company to co-manufacture and co-package their products. Choosing the right partner can be beneficial, saving you time and money.

Why Use a Contract Bottle Filling Company for Blending and Bottling?

There are many reasons why a company may choose a turnkey or toll blending partner.

  • Lack of resources – A major reason for using a contractor is because the manufacturer lacks in-house resources, such as equipment and experienced people. This is the case with private label products, but many other manufacturers also choose a contract packager for this reason.
  • Over-scheduled – Sometimes, a manufacturer may be at capacity and needs to find a trusted partner for the overflow, or they may have a seasonal product that is easier to outsource than package in-house. Companies will often choose a contract packager when they need to scale production quickly.
  • Expertise – There are times when a new product is outside the manufacturer’s area of expertise, and they need assistance understanding product requirements, processes, and packaging compatibility. In these cases, it is easier and faster for the manufacturer to partner with a broadly experienced contract packager than to invest resources to onboard or learn this expertise themselves.
  • Location – Liquids are heavy, and shipping them across the country is expensive. Often companies will partner with contract blenders and packagers in areas near their distribution and sales locations.

Top Benefits of Using a Contract Bottle Filling Company

Not every manufacturer will benefit from using a contract packager, but for those who do, a co-packer can save them money and time. Here are the top five benefits of using a contract packager.

  • Reduces capital expenses and workforce – You save money and avoid dedicating resources to buying equipment and hiring employees. When you use a contract packager, you provide the formulation (or use theirs), and they take care of the blending and bottling. When a new product is launched, sales volumes are often low initially, making it inadvisable to invest in new equipment until volume increases. Using a contract packager ensures you can successfully launch your new product without large up-front investments.
  • Mitigates risk – Understanding the complexities of formulations and the compatibilities of materials takes experience and knowledge. In some instances, there may be regulatory requirements. Making a mistake could be costly in terms of wasted product and potential fines. Working with a contract blender and packager can help mitigate your risk because they have often worked with many different types of products and can provide guidance.
  • Provides production flexibility – Some products see seasonal demand spikes. Using a contract packager secures your revenue stream because you can quickly scale to meet demand and reduce your risk of lost sales. You also have flexibility when smaller runs are needed, such as prototypes and new product launches, that may require different equipment from what you use with other products.
  • Provides cost flexibility – With a contract packager, you have the flexibility to provide all, some, or none of the product components. This choice allows the product marketer to save money by supplying the raw ingredients that make sense for their cash flow or opt for a white glove experience, where all materials are sourced by the contract manufacturer, allowing them to relax while the entire product is sourced and assembled.
  • Allows focus on core business – Using a contract packager gives you the freedom to focus your energies on your core business and grow your revenue instead of managing and coordinating product blending and packaging.

The Crystal Packaging, Inc. Solution

From toll blending large volumes to packaging consumer products, Crystal Packaging, Inc. has the experience, capabilities, capacity, and location to quickly get your liquid products to market nationwide. We can use your formulas and materials, supply them, or use a combination, providing you the flexibility to create the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our goal is to develop a partnership that gives you the greatest benefit by allowing your company to choose how Crystal can best support your bottom line.

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