Why Bottle Filling Companies Choose Automated and High-Speed Filling Lines

An experienced bottle filling company will choose to use either automated or high-speed filling lines to streamline production and give their customers the best experience possible. But, what are these kinds of filling lines and how exactly do they work? Here, we’ll explore what these machines are and how they can help get your products to market faster.

Automated Filling Lines vs. High-Speed Filling Lines

Automated filling lines and high-speed filling lines are imperative to a bottle filling company’s scalable operation. Though they might sound similar, they’re actually two different machine operations.

Automated filling lines are responsible for filling and assembling products to their completed form. They typically consist of a conveyor belt that moves bottles from each production stage, an automated labeler, multiple head fillers, a capper, and a heat sealer. The completed bottles are then collected on an accumulation table. From there, the bottles are hand packed into cases and assembled manually on pallets. Automated filling lines typically produce pallet to half-truckload quantities per day.

High-speed automated filling lines use the same components as automated filling lines, with the addition of two items. Instead of accumulation tables and hand packing cases, high-speed automated filling lines have a drop packer, which automates the packing process. Additionally, the lines have an automated palletizer, which also speeds up the operation. Depending on the package size and product type, high speed filling lines can turn out truckloads of product per day.

How Automated and High-Speed Filling Lines Help Increase Production and Lower Waste

Faster Filling

Automatic bottle fillers can turn out more product than filling containers by hand. They can also fill multiple containers at one time, which streamlines production and helps get your product to your customers, which strengthens your bottom line.

Ensure Reliability and Consistency

When you need consistency in your products, using a high-speed filling line is the way to go. A filling line delivers the same amount of product into each bottle, every time. Often, the line has manual checks to ensure product consistency. This reduces the risk of defective products and expensive customer returns.

Flexible Production

Depending on your needs, automated and high-speed filling lines can easily scale up or scale down production. This gives you greater flexibility within the operation.

Minimize Waste

Filling lines reduce the risk of human error, which can increase consistency, and minimize product risk when scrutinized by consumers. This consistency means less chance of expensive recalls, thus minimizing waste and ensuring a healthy bottom line for your business.

Work with an Experienced Bottle Filling Company

Since 1977, Crystal Packaging has worked with some of the top US and international brands to deliver high-quality blended liquid products. From the beginning, our vision has been to serve as our customers’ premier supply chain partner, and we’ve upheld that commitment for more than four decades. As an experienced bottle filling company, we have some of the best high-speed filling lines, allowing us to turn products around quickly and minimize waste.

When you work with Crystal Packaging, you’ll benefit from our 70,000-square-foot facility that features multiple blend tanks and more than two million gallons of storage. Our high-speed filling lines allow us to fill, label, package, and palletize containers, enhancing your speed-to-market capabilities. Additionally, our facility has truck and rail access, which enables our customers to extend their distribution capabilities.

Our partners benefit from our commitment to quality, as well. Our in-house testing lab ensures your products meet your exact specifications, as your chemicals are tested several times throughout the process. Additionally, we hold GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard accreditations, which hold us to high standards.

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