With COVID cases continuing to spring up across the country and beyond, it’s clear that the need for disinfectant solutions will not disappear anytime soon.

While the past year has brought consolidation to the disinfectant market with smaller players transitioning out of the space, industries such as transportation, hospitality, medical, Jan/San, recreation, and others will continue to lean on suppliers to protect customers and employees. To help meet this prolonged demand, brand owners should consider partnering with an EPA-registered disinfectant contract packaging provider.

Private label companies that support retailers with their disinfectant needs will continue to see demand levels remaining strong. A partnership with an EPA-registered disinfectant contract packaging provider will be helpful, particularly as labor shortages and supply chain constraints reduce organizations’ capacity to provide labeling and packaging support.

With the overall market for surface disinfectants expected to grow substantially over the next several years, organizations that are looking to maintain their position in the industry or to gain a foothold need a strong producer. Here, we’ll explore how working with an EPA-registered disinfectant contract packaging company will help you achieve your goals and continue to provide your customers with the support they need to combat the spread of infection.

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How a Disinfectant Contract Packaging Partner Supports Your Growth

Capabilities You Can Rely On

Disinfectant contract packaging is more than filling a container with a product and applying a label. Working with the right partner helps you address four key production aspects:

  • Viscosity Flexibility — Disinfectants can range in thickness (such as whether they’re dispensed via a pump or sprayer), so it’s important to work with a partner that can handle a wide range — especially if you have different product lines.
  • Filling Processes — The ability to automate filling and labeling is particularly essential to meet capacity challenges, but manual filling capabilities for smaller runs or difficult to fill container types will ensure that your production needs are met.
  • Quality Control — Consistency along production lines is important to ensure the right amount of product is being dispensed and its weight is accurate. A disinfectant contract packaging partner must be able to confirm these important details as part of your program.
  • Distribution Preparation — Apart from packaging products, getting them ready for shipment via the use of drop packers, case sealers, palletizing equipment, and more ensures that production remains on track.

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Scalability for the Future

While the market has experienced a cooling off period, anything can change at a moment’s notice — the pandemic has made this clear. Being in a strong position to scale up your disinfectant production will be essential to meeting today’s still-strong demand and any increase in the future. Here’s how a disinfectant contract packaging partner can support you:

  • High-Volume Equipment — Efficient, high-volume storage, blending, and packaging equipment will ensure that whether you need temporary support or a long-term partnership for more significant volumes, you’ll be able to scale up as needed.
  • Passivation — Depending on your chemical formula, not every filling line will be prepared to handle the chemicals used. In these instances, it’s critical to work with a company that has the ability to quickly passivate their lines. This is a chemical process that prepares the lines to handle your product and helps offset any previous incompatibilities.
  • Chemical Handling — A final consideration should be your disinfectant contract packaging partner’s ability to handle a variety of chemical types. Examples to look for include peroxide and quat/QACs (quaternary ammonium compounds).


In addition to having the right equipment and the ability to rapidly scale up your disinfectant contract packaging, it’s important to work with a provider that has the facility (H-3 ready) and location needed to strategically support your goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • EPA Registration — As we’ve already explored, in order to sell disinfectants in any state, your product will need to be EPA registered. Your production partner will also need an EPA registration. Of course, nothing would happen without this registration first being in place, so looking for this upfront will be important.
  • Location — Where your contract packaging partner is located can have a significant strategic impact in your ability to reach key distribution centers (and subsequently retailers and your customers) in a timely fashion. If you’re looking to expand into new markets, ensuring your partner has the ability to not only produce and package your disinfectants but also get them routed to their next destination efficiently should be a high priority.
  • Accessibility — The ability to load and unload trucks and even rail cars can be a massive advantage. Not every production facility has rail access. Additionally, some facilities may require trucking appointments, have slow load times, and charge fines if the transportation provider misses an appointment. It might seem like a lower-order consideration, but it matters and makes a strong long-term impact on logistics.
  • Credentials & Certifications — While an EPA registration is essential, the other certifications your partner has speak volumes about what you can expect to receive. GMP, ECOCERT, the EPA’s Safer Choice standard, and others are all key certifications or quality standards to look for when considering your options.

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