Working with an Experienced Company Can Save You Time and Money

Streamlining your cleaning chemical packaging and production is as simple as finding the right partner to work with. Outsourcing your production to a qualified third-party takes an immense amount of work and stress off of your plate. You don’t have to worry about hiring a dedicated workforce or buying expensive equipment to run the operations yourself. In fact, if you partner with the right company, you’ll also likely get a higher quality product due to its years of experience.

But, how do you know which partner is right for you? You may even consider keeping production in-house rather than trust a third-party manufacturer. However, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get a high-quality partner that delivers an accurate product, every time. Let’s dive in.

What You Should Look for in a Partner


A packaging partner with years — better yet, decades — of experience is likely going to be a great choice for your cleaning chemical packaging needs. The company will know the most advantageous processes to ensure a quality product for the end-consumer. Additionally, an experienced packaging partner will likely have their own formulas ready for production. This would save you a great deal of time perfecting your own formula.

Strategic Location

You’ll want to partner with a company that is strategically positioned to deliver your products quickly. For example, Crystal Packaging is located in Henderson, Colorado, which is close to many distribution centers. While we don’t send your items directly to retail stores, this close proximity to DCs could save your operation valuable time.

State-of-the-Art Facility

When considering a new packaging partner, take a look at their facility and what kind of benefits it could offer you. At Crystal Packaging, our 70,000-square-foot facility features multiple blend tanks and more than two million gallons of storage. Looking for qualities like these can help ensure the company has enough capacity to take on your chemical and adequately store it until it’s time to move it to a new destination.

Quality Checks

Ask potential partners what kind of quality checks they perform to ensure your chemicals come out perfectly, every time. Do they have an on-site lab to verify the products and ensure it’s up to your specifications? Do they have batching software to safeguard and accurately produce your formulas?

High-Speed Filling Capabilities

You want to ensure your partner can quickly and efficiently package your chemicals for distribution. High-speed filling lines are one of the best ways to know you’ll get a quick turnaround on your chemicals.

Turnkey and Contract Capabilities

A great partner will be able to take all kinds of requests into consideration, including both turnkey and contract work. A turnkey provider is able to source the raw materials and packaging necessary to complete your product. However, they should also be able to supply contract (toll) blending services. This involves the customer sourcing the materials and packaging, while the packaging partner does the blending services.


What kind of certifications does your potential partner have? Industry certifications are a great way to ensure your product meets standards set by organizations like the EPA. At Crystal Packaging, we maintain a wide range of certifications to ensure our customers get the best products, every time. We have GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard accreditations, along with an EPA registration.

Commitment to Quality Customer Service

What kind of customer service does your potential partner provide? If something should go wrong, how would they make it right? It’s important to set these expectations before signing on with a blending provider.

Why Choose Crystal Packaging for Your Cleaning Chemical Packaging and Production Needs?

Founded in 1977, we have the experience necessary to provide you with the best toll or contract packaging services. Today, we are the foremost specialty chemical and petroleum contract packager and private label manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility with multiple blending tanks and two million gallons of storage, we’re able to take on a wide range of clients, even those with high-volume requests. This 70,000-square-foot location also has high speed filling lines and is close to major distribution centers, allowing us to turn your product around quickly and efficiently.

We have a major commitment to quality, which is how we’ve produced more than 400 million gallons of product for more than 300 satisfied partners. We maintain GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard certifications, along with an EPA registration. We also have a dedicated H-3 area for hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Additionally, our on-site lab regularly performs quality checks to ensure the product meets your standards.

Let’s Get Started

When you’re ready to outsource your cleaning chemical packaging and production needs to a quality provider, we’ll be here to help. Reach out to us today to get started.