Jason Foster, the founder of Replenish Bottling, has designed Clean Revolution, a specialized line of concentrated cleaning and personal care products that his customers mix with water to eliminate plastic waste. He had a contract packager on the west coast but needed someone with a central location in the country who was an expert in liquid blending and packaging. With Replenish being an environmentally conscious company, the location was as important to Jason as capabilities.

Location and Capabilities

Located just outside Denver, CO, Crystal Packaging had the capabilities and the capacity Jason required. Finding an experienced company with capabilities to fill multiple-sized bottles can be challenging, but finding one that also offers value-added services and in the location needed
is remarkable. When a company like this can deliver quality liquid blending services on time, the result is a valuable long-term relationship.

“We came to them looking for some solutions from helping fill small containers all the way up to some of our larger product lines. We just developed a great partnership with them and have had a great relationship for four years now,” he said.

Liquid Blending Technical Expertise

Crystal Packaging stewards a complete solution for Replenish Bottling lines. In addition to production work, the company has an internal lab and was able to help Jason with some pilot samples for new and improved products, including suggesting ways to make the formulas easier
to work with. Today, Crystal fills over several hundred thousand units a year for Replenish.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

A customer’s liquid blending experience is a critical component of success. Crystal Packaging is committed to providing the best customer experience, and at times it means going the extra mile. This commitment was not lost on Jason.

“We’ve had some innovative containers that required special parts and alterations to fill them. [Crystal] really goes above and beyond to bring you a solution. They always try to say yes,” he said. “They are an organization with integrity, and they take pride in watching their customers succeed.”

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