Grow Your Business with Reliable Liquid Contract Packaging

When you work with a liquid contract packaging partner you should expect the third-party manufacturer to source all materials, complete the blending, and package the liquid product. Many companies contract out their packaging, including those that primarily handle liquids, to learn more on this process check out our blog on contract packaging.

Working with a liquid contract manufacturer is important in scaling up your business. These third-parties tackle the packaging, so you can focus on growing your company, acquiring assets, attracting new talent, and increasing revenue. Liquid contract packaging is a great way to grow your business and increase profit.

Should You Pursue Liquid Contract Packaging? Let’s look at the Benefits

Cost-Effective and Reduced Capital Investment

Investing in a factory, workforce, and specialized equipment is expensive. These manufacturers already have the equipment and employees that you need to complete liquid contract packaging jobs, meaning you don’t have to make that upfront investment.

Access to Specialized Equipment and Expertise

Liquid contract packaging manufacturers have experienced workers and specialized equipment at the ready. Working with these professionals gives you access to equipment and expertise you otherwise wouldn’t have, and gives you the opportunity to work with experts who can fine-tune your processes.

Increased Production Efficiency and Flexibility

Since liquid contract packagers have the equipment and resources needed to create large quantities of goods, they will be able to handle creating more of your product than you would be able to produce in-house. And since they have these resources, you can scale production up or down depending on your needs.

Faster Time to Market and Enhanced Market Responsiveness

Liquid contract packagers can help you get to market faster because they can produce more of your product in a shorter period of time. They also have extensive knowledge of the market, allowing them to help you adjust to any changes without losing a beat.

Factors to Consider When Scaling with a Liquid Contract Packager

Ensuring Product Compatibility and Packaging Options

Can your partner make the product you need? What type of packaging options do they provide? And what kind of equipment do they have? A partner that is familiar with your industry and product and carries the packaging options that fit your needs is crucial to a successful partnership.

Assessing Quality Control Measures and Regulatory Compliance

Many products need a manufacturer that complies with certain regulatory requirements. Crystal Packaging holds many certifications, including:

  • A GMP certification for non-regulated Good Manufacturing Processes
  • An ECOCERT for sustainability
  • A Safer Choice Standard certification required by the EPA
  • An EPA Registration for the production of disinfectants

Steps to Successfully Scale Up with Liquid Contract Packaging

Clearly Define Goals and Objectives

When you know exactly what you expect out of your packaging manufacturer and your product, you and your partner can agree on the processes and outputs in the manufacturing contract..

Develop a Comprehensive Project Plan

After discussing the goals for your product and what you expect from your packaging manufacturer, you can come up with a plan that will get your project from start to finish in a specified time frame.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics for Success

Coming up with a KPI and other success metrics allows you and your partner to assess the product’s performance over time. This will provide you and your manufacturer with targets, milestones, and insights that you can use to improve your product and set your next goal.

Implement a Phased Approach and Monitor Progress

Setting goals in phases allows you and your manufacturer to assess the product’s success and set new goals that are achievable based on the previous phase’s success.

Work with Crystal Packaging for Your Contract Packaging Needs

At Crystal Packaging, we provide flexible contract packaging services that support your production and distribution goals. For over four decades, we have been trusted with packaging in the automotive, aviation, and special chemicals industries, as well as cleaning products, drilling fluid, fire retardant fluid, and lubricants. We have automated filling equipment capabilities, manual filling capabilities, and common container types to meet your packaging needs.

Contact our team today to start your liquid contract packaging partnership.