Should You Outsource Chemical Blending or Keep it In-House?

Are you trying to decide whether you should outsource chemical blending services or produce them in-house? For many organizations, partnering with an experienced chemical blending company is the best course of action. The chemical blending process is complex, and without the right experience and equipment, you could cost your business time and money. Read on for more information on the top five reasons you should outsource your chemical blending needs.

Conserve Your Capital

If you decide to do your chemical blending in-house, you’ll have to invest in a capital intensive facility, equipment, and maintain a skilled workforce. This is extremely costly and not all organizations have the time or financial resources to secure this infrastructure. When you outsource chemical blending services to a trusted partner, they already have those items in place, considerably reducing your initial investment.

Working with an experienced partner also lowers risk for high scrap counts and off-spec batches, which saves you money with each run. Additionally, you can move your production closer to key customer markets, reducing shipping costs.

Save Time and Keep Focus on Your Core Business

Outsourcing your chemical blending needs takes a huge burden off you and your organization. Trying to find a facility, machinery, and a workforce to man your operation is a time-consuming process. Not to mention, once you source these materials, you’ll have to manage their upkeep. When you outsource your operations, you won’t have to worry about managing the production process, and you can focus on your core business.


If you keep your blending in-house, it’s likely you’ll be capped on how much volume you can produce at one time. What happens when a lucrative order comes in, but you don’t have the equipment or workforce to fulfill it?

With an outsourced packager, you can place orders to meet surprise demand. Your chosen facility should have extensive manufacturing capabilities, allowing them to be flexible and produce as much product as you need.

Receive a Higher Quality Product

When you work with an outsourced blending company, you’ll be sure to get high-quality, reliable products, every time. Sure, your organization could create the same level of high-quality products, but how much trial and error will you have to go through to get there?

An experienced blending company already has processes in place to ensure you get your products are on-spec and on-time. What’s more, a quality contract manufacturer will be able to use your chosen formulation, should you already have one in mind. If not, they may be able to guide you to expert chemical formulators, or choose from existing time-tested formulas to find one that meets your customers’ needs.

Keep You and Your Staff Safe

Chemical blending is a labor-intensive business; a lot can go wrong without the right level of experience. When you outsource chemical blending, you’ll avoid mishaps that lead to costly cleanups and repairs, while keeping your employees safe. Overall, choosing to outsource protects your business from a slew of potential liability claims.

Outsource Your Chemical Blending to a Top Contract Blending Company

Crystal Packaging has been providing high-quality chemical blending services for almost 50 years. Located in Henderson, Colorado, Crystal Packaging is a leading provider of toll blending, contract packaging, windshield wash production, and other contract services for multiple industries. Today, we are the foremost specialty chemical and petroleum contract packager and private label manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our 70,000-square-foot facility features multiple blend tanks and more than two million gallons of storage. The location also features high-speed filling lines that allow us to fill, label, package, and palletize containers of various sizes, which streamlines your operations.

We have numerous certifications, allowing us to blend and package numerous types of chemicals. We carry GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard accreditations, as well as an EPA registration. Additionally, we are an H-3 certified facility, meaning we’re readily equipped to handle a range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Using customer-created formulas or our own time-tested formulations, we can blend almost any chemical you need for your operation.

Our unique location allows us to serve a wide variety of distribution and production centers in the area, enabling our customers to extend their distribution capabilities. To date, we’ve produced over 400 million gallons of product for more than 300 satisfied partners.

Let’s Make Something Great Together

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