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If you’re looking for chemical packaging companies to help with your toll blending, liquid contract packaging, or windshield wash needs, choosing the wrong partner can incur serious risks. Long lead times, poor product quality, or wasted time and money are on the line. When looking for a quality partner to help you with your needs, there are a few things you should look for, including certifications, management, efficiency, and strong customer service.

Proven Industry Experience

When looking for a quality partner, you should verify that they specialize in your specific industry and product. At Crystal Packaging, we have decades of experience in many industries . What makes us unique is that we have blending and packaging methods that have been time-tested in real-life situations. No matter the circumstance, our expertise has you covered.

Quality Assurance at Every Level

Lubricants, windshield wash, and other chemicals will all have different quality assurance practices. Chemical packaging companies should have time-tested quality assurance procedures in place.

At Crystal Packaging, we have rigorous QA/QC testing to ensure a quality product every time. For lubricants, we can test your chosen additives upon arrival at our facility. After blending, We check for metals, viscosities, pour points, and more in the lab, depending on your specifications. We also use an x-ray diffractometer to check additive ratios before releasing the product. We’re also one of the only lubricant blending facilities in the area that blends warm, which reduces additive drop-out and ensures a longer shelf life for lubricants.

No matter the type of chemical, we offer similar testing services during our contract packaging services. Our in-house lab can help verify formulas and blends, and we can produce safety data sheets as needed for your products.

Check for Key Certifications and Processes

There are specific industry certifications you should look for when choosing a chemical packaging partner. These certifications vary depending on the product and offer a sense of security that your product will be produced correctly every time. Some prerequisites you should consider include:

At Crystal Packaging, we hold these certifications to ensure you’ll receive a high-quality product no matter what industry you serve.

Quick Lead Times and Bulk Storage Capabilities

Whether you’re looking to do a test run or a large order, your chosen partner should be able to turn around your product quickly. Look for a chemical packaging company that has adequate blend tanks, production rates, and bulk storage capabilities.

Crystal’s 70,000-square-foot facility has more than 130 blend tanks and 2 million gallons of storage on-site for lubricants and glycol products. Additionally, our high-speed filling lines can fill, label, package, and palletize containers in a variety of sizes in truckload quantities per day.

Efficient Shipping Solutions

You’ll need a company that can ship your products where they need to be quickly and efficiently. Our location includes eight-car rail access and allows us to service the entire United States. Our equipment can load more than one lubricant at once, allowing for quick rail and truck loading. In most cases, truck freight lines are able to reach destinations across the contiguous US in 1-5 business days.

Great Customer Service

At Crystal Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing you a quality product, all with a smile. We’ve had a commitment to excellent customer service since our inception in 1977 and have upheld it for decades.

Side with One of the Most Experienced Chemical Packaging Companies

There are quite a few things to consider when interviewing chemical packaging companies. Our quality assurance practices, certifications, quick lead times, storage capabilities, efficient shipping solutions, and remarkable customer service make us a fantastic choice for your chemical packaging needs. We would love to hear about your next chemical packaging product.

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