Choose the Right Chemical Packaging Materials for Your Operation

When you’re looking for chemical packaging materials, you’ll want to consider size and type of container, along with hazards of the material being packaged, and potential environmental concerns. Navigating all these requirements can be overwhelming; that’s why the experts at Crystal Packaging have put together a comprehensive guide to chemical packaging materials. Let’s discuss the specifics of packaging options and help determine what’s right for your business.

Consider Sizing Before All Else

Your specific operation will dictate the size of container you’ll need. Companies that ship large amounts of products may need bulk trucks, while others may need small bottles. A quality chemical packaging partner will have pails, drums, totes, and bottles available for you to choose from. They’ll also listen to your unique needs and help you determine exactly what size container you need for a successful operation.

Types of Chemical Packaging Materials


Plastic is the most common type of chemical packaging material. It’s flexible, sturdy, inexpensive to manufacture, and holds up well against most chemicals. It’s also lightweight, which will reduce the overall weight of your packaging. This will decrease your transportation and logistics costs. Another key consideration is that it can be recycled, which can reduce negative impacts on the environment. However, you must consider that it may not be compatible with flammable or combustible materials..


Certain metals are commonly used to ship crude oil, gas, and petroleum-based products. Many flammable chemicals and solvents are compatible with metal containers; however, the container must be properly grounded or bonded to prevent sparks that could ignite flammable material.


Glass bottles were traditionally used for packaging liquids before plastics became readily available for mass-consumption. It doesn’t corrode, provides good thermal insulation, and can be tinted to prevent exposure to light. However, it’s not a great option because of the health and safety risks it presents. The glass may shatter, exposing people to potentially harmful chemicals and glass shards. Most chemical packaging companies don’t offer glass as an option, as plastic packaging is much safer and durable.

Chemical Shipping Materials

Once you’ve decided between plastic and metal containers for your chemical packaging materials, it’s time to choose your shipping materials.


Cardboard materials are used to create cartons and boxes that house, arrange, and protect individual packaging containers. You’ll most commonly use this option if you’re packaging individual bottles for shipment. The type of cardboard you use will determine pallet stacking patterns and pallet stability. A quality chemical packaging company will be able to guide you towards the optimal option for your operation.


Whether you’re shipping boxed bottles or large pails and drums, you’ll need to use pallets during transportation. Standard or third-party rated pallets are an option, and the size will be based on product weight and layout. Keep in mind that if you’re doing an international shipment, you’ll have to use a heat treated pallet. Your chosen chemical packaging company should be able to recommend the optimal pallet and stacking pattern for your products.

Don’t Forget About Labeling

There are optimal labeling options you can use, depending on what kind of packaging material you’ve chosen. Your label substrate can make a huge difference in your packaging; paper labels, for example, will result in a higher scrap count than a biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) label.

Crystal Packaging Can Help You Choose the Right Chemical Packaging Materials

All packaging needs must be compatible, from the bottle and carton, to the pallet and labels. An experienced packager like Crystal Packaging can provide valuable feedback on your packaging compatibility. Once your packaging is finalized, we can set to work blending and packaging your chemicals, readying them for shipment.

Founded in 1977, Crystal Packaging provides the highest level of chemical blending and packaging services to a wide range of industries within the United States. Located in Henderson, Colorado, we are the foremost specialty chemical and petroleum contract packager and private label manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our 70,000-square-foot facility features many blend tanks and more than two million gallons of storage. Our high-speed filling lines allow us to fill, label, package, and palletize containers in varying sizes, streamlining your operations and reducing turnaround times.

We hold numerous certifications to ensure quality. We currently maintain GMP, ECOCERT, and Safer Choice Standard accreditations, along with an EPA registration. To date, we’ve produced more than 400 million gallons of product for more than 300 satisfied partners, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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